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My Kindle was normally underutilized until I found this great freemium service. If you have a Kindle, you must read this!

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Maybe Amazon is really bad at promoting books on their online store (I sincerely think they need to design their interface better and rethink their recommendation algorithms), maybe I’m just too picky. Anyway, the fact is that I bought a Kindle Paperwhite and have really not used it so often as I would like because of a simple problem: the things I wanted to read the most in a cool paper-like interface we’re not on Kindle Store, and Amazon doesn’t have a great open ecossystem where anyone can create apps for their devices.

So I went in search for a good service that would somehow link my bookmarks of assorted Medium articles that I would like to read later on but never reminded that I saved them in the first place. I found the excellent service by Emir Aydin and discovered that it can do exactly this!

Basically, interacts with the Pocket API to retrieve your bookmarks, generate a custom AZW file with the content of those bookmarks plus a great index and Archive/Like buttons, and then send it directly to your Kindle trough your Kindle mail - which gets synced ASAP to your device in a push-fashion.

The great of it is that P2K aggregates all articles you bookmarked in the day and then send it at a specific time, and I found it great to do so just before the time I normally go to sleep, so I can catch on to the subjects I found interesting trough the day but had not the time to read.

It works just great with the Free plan, but I liked the service so much that even though I really don’t need most of the paid features, I subscribed to the USD$5,00 Plantinum plan to support the development.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love this great service.