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Redismoke: a Redis replication smoke test

I’ve written a small utility to smoke test a Redis replication set. It’s a simple Python script that should be run as a daemon to test if writes to a Redis master are being correctly replicated to the slaves.

The necessity of such script arised from the fact that the Redis Sentinel, tool that Redis uses to implement a kind of raft, isn’t very reliable and has the bad habit of stop working without much notice.

This utility is the work of a single afternoon so far, and it’s being currently worked on to easily integrate with a SolarWinds instance, just as it may be extended to work with other monitoring tools.

You can find the code in the Github repository below:

Patches are welcome. The code is distributed under the MIT license. The next features that I will implement will be:

  • Unit testing (sure, test the test all the way down)
  • SolarWinds format output
  • Single run
  • Separate the CLI from the lib code

Maybe I will write someday about the hell that was creating an idempotent Ansible role for Redis…