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Bernardo Donadio

Infrastructure specialist, IT automation engineer and 3D printing enthusiast.


  1. When the blue whale sinks

    A bug in the Linux kernel is affecting thousands of people for more than 3 years, and so far there’s no complete fix. Continue reading to know what to expect when encoutering this issue (hopefully not) in production. …

    • by bcdonadio

  2. Yum repository for nginx with ALPN on EL7/6

    Chrome needs ALPN to use HTTP/2, ALPN needs OpenSSL 1.0.2, RedHat will only ship OpenSSL 1.0.1 on RHEL 7, and nginx uses the OpenSSL provided by the system. Here’s the solution to this mess! …

    • by bcdonadio

  3. Freeing myself from my ISP with LTE and a Raspberry: Part 1

    I really, really hate my ISP. …

    • by bcdonadio

  4. Easing the use of Xen's xe with xeh

    At Propus, the company I work to, we’ve been using XenServer to virtualize most of our servers. This is great and practical, except for one little detail: the CLI administration tool, called xe, is a huge PITA to be used on a daily-basis. …

    • by bcdonadio

  5. Getting an IPv6 connection with SiXXs

    Actually no major ISP (at least consumer-grade) provides IPv6 traffic nor addressing on theirs networks in the country where I live, but I’m curious, and couldn’t be left out of one of the biggest changes in the Internet since the first browser. …

    • by bcdonadio